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    My Treo has run out of memory. Months ago, I bought a 512 MB Sandisk SD card, but I honestly haven't even used it. It just sits in my Treo.

    1. Can someone please tell me how to transfer data to the SD card to free up some memory. My snappermail won't even download my emails, because I currently have insufficient memory.

    2. Can all applications be put on the card- such as my Trivial Pursuit and other games- and erased from the Treo's "hard drive," or only a select few? I just wondered because I have other apps like Docs to Go that may be taking up a lot of space as well.

    3. Finally, how can I do a general search of what programs/docs are on my Treo and remove any unwanted items?

    You guys are the best! This long-time lurker/first-time poster appreciates any advice you may have.
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    1. Use zlauncher or a similar program. They let you easily transfer most program files to the SD card, and just pull them into RAM when you launch them.

    2. Yes, most, but not all apps can be moved to the card.

    3. You should be using Uninstall Manager to help you delete stuff. Check that program out. Otherwise, use Filez to review and delete unwanted files.
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