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    SOURCE and Product Overview and FAQ - 14-day trial software download (1.6MB) available via Handango and installs a SoundPix plugin on your PC to allow you to hear SoundPix images when you open Internet Explorer and then installs PRC onto your Treo via HotSync.

    SoundPix Mobile - Treo Edition uses All-in-One-JPEG sound capture and integration technology, which allows users to capture images; integrate text, music and voice annotations with them; and share the resulting soundpix via email, conventional file sharing methods, beaming between devices, or posting to the web. The sound is encoded directly into the JPEG file along with the image data, which eliminates the need to manage, transmit and assemble multiple files. In just three steps - snap a picture (or open an existing file), record sound (via the Treo speakerphone), save the new sound picture - Treo 600 users are ready to view or share their sound-enhanced images. Sharing is as easy as selecting the "email" option, entering a recipient address and selecting "send." Users can also share images on the web by uploading their sound pictures to an online photo album available from dotPhoto (, SoundPix's photo portal partner.

    SoundPix Mobile -Treo Edition is currently available at a special introductory price of $23.95 (a 20% savings off the regular price of $29.95) at

    OEMs, ISVs and carriers can license SoundPix technology or bundle SoundPix applications with their own products and services under a variety of flexible licensing programs.

    For more information call 775-832-2220.
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    I just tried SoundPix. My thoughts, after I deleted it, are: It created a 600k+ file when I added about 15 secs of audio to a pic I took on the Treo. Then I sent the pic through snapper mail to my home PC email. When I opened the email, the pic was very small, I think less than 320 size. I was surprised SoundPix shrunk the pic. And I didn't see any option to tell it not to do that. I uninstalled the app from my Treo. Afterwards, I noticed a new file in my list of files that I can delete, called "snapshot". I can't figure out where this came from other than possibly SoundPix. I looked all over the soundpix web site and their user manual, and couldn't find any "uninstall" instructions that might tell what other files you need to uninstall in order to completely remove SoundPix. I looked in my nightly backup from backupMan last night and I didn't see this file, so I think it came from SoundPix. I'm wondering if any other files were installed.

    I think the idea is great - to send a pic with an audio clip. But, personally, I would rather keep the pic separate from the audio clip, and be able to send both files together in an email. That way no extra plugin would be required by the recipient if the audio file was a standard format. Plus, the image would stay just an image, in case I don't want to keep a large audio clip with it.

    Just my personal thoughts after trying the program. Would like to see them post something about "uninstalling" the app from the Treo, so I could be sure I removed everything.

    What I like about the product is that it lets you "email" a pic from the camera app, rather than having to use the "share" option which uses Sprint's web site to share a pic. If they could offer just that app alone (is that the Snapshot file that showed up in my list?) that would be cool. Keep up the good work.

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