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    I migrated from a Blackberry to the Treo 600. What's the BEST email for the treo ?

    Is it possible to have instant delivery of email on the Treo ? I tested snappermail and a few others and they all have to pop my mail serve revery x minutes and they don't do this in the backround.
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    IF you want a push email solution similar to a BB, definitely checkout Chatter which combines true IMAP push and IM for only one time $20 bucks! Also, you can also choose to wait for the forthcoming BlackBerry Connect Client for PalmOS which should be released later this year. Then there is also Good for corp push solutions... Finally, there is Snappermail which you have already tried and the bundled Mail Client which is sufficient for most users.

    Note: Also try SMS-triggered Pull with the snappermail+treohelper combo if you don't want to poll every X minutes. Works great IMO. Search the forums for more detailed info...

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    Does Good work on a Macintosh?
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    If you are using Sprint, there is also Sprint Business Connection Personal Edition software. It uses a SMS-triggered pull to retrieve messages from your 24/7 connected computer but does this in the background (although it can make your Treo slow for a few seconds while it is retrieving email). It can be configured to poll every couple of minutes or not. The scheduled polling is not necessary for the push/pull functionality.
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    I am evaluating Aileron which is a proxy based solution. Based on port scanning on my mail server, I see their proxy polls every 10 min but the notification is for the last new message only. It seems to be using push/pull combination as an Ack on notification fetches other messages as well. It is not as clean as Blackberry but overall, I still prefer it.
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    I also have just bought the Treo 600 w/ Verizon service (unlimited data). I've tried but am not entirely successful using the e-mail function. I can view the e-mail (hotmail and aol account) but (1) it takes a very long time to access the accounts through the browser and (2) so far I haven't been successful in composing and sending an email message. How do I shorten the time to read email and how do I compose email messages?

    I also have been reading about PoP3 and IMAt and Snapper Mail and Verizon Mobil Solutions for e-mail. Also I just finished reading about Intel Sync software that can integrate email, calendar etc through Verizon. What are they and how do work?

    I don't have a corporate email account, but am thinking of getting one. How will this affect e-mail service?



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