Attention Treo 600 users:

Version 5 of my Color High Fidelity Low Res skin is now available
for a free download at

This colorful, feature rich skin designed especially for Treo 600
users provides a wealth of information that is easily readable and
aesthetically pleasing. Scrolling tag information provides Title,
Artist, Genre, etc. w/o opening another screen. From music to audio
books, from recorded talk shows to old time radio, easy program
navigation and great graphics should meet the needs of all users.

Here are some of the key features.

In addition to the standard Play, Pause, Next Track/Fast-Forward,
and Previous Track/Fast-Rewind controls, there is a new split
button "jump ahead" or "jump back" feature. Just click and release
the top half + button the program will jump ahead 30 seconds. Click
and hold this button for one or more seconds, and Pocket Tunes will
jump ahead 5 minutes in the program. Similarly, click and release
the bottom half - button the program will jump back 30 seconds, and
click and hold this button to jump back 5 minutes.

The program Progress Bar has been modified to get the visual
advantages of a graduated color bar as well as the convenience of a
Slider. Just click and drag the red pulsating leading edge of the
bar to move forward or backward to any spot in the program.

Graphics on the Playlist have been enhanced with color boarders and
some animated "notes" have been added to the Control Panel, just for

There is also a new feature for travelers. Tap on the time display
on the lower toolbar and a new easy to read panel displays the
current date and time in hours, minutes, and seconds. A handy
bedside feature when traveling or it can be used for timing events.

The Playlist button shows the number of songs or programs in the
currently selected Playlist.

The Volume Control has a digital readout (0 - 100%) display for ease
of adjustment and a cleaner look.

I hope you enjoy the skin. Please let me know if you have any ideas
for changes or improvements.