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    UGH. I got it copied - had to "view" it first.

    BUT, it does the same thing - so i'm guessing it's a phone problem.

    m100(for 1 day)->Sony PEG-S300->PEG-N710C->PEG-NR70 (needs a new battery!)->Treo 650 (bad connector)->650 (dead ear speaker)->700p (sucky battery life)->new 700 on way
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    I've been looking high and low for those midi files all night!

    Thank you!
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    The 755p loops the sound file when you use it for a ringtone, so I'd suggest using Audacity to add as much silence as you want at the end of the mp3. Before I did that it sometimes seemed to chop it too. Now it is perfect for use on the 755p.

    It was worth the price of the 755p just to be able to use the kimmunicator ringtone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mercer View Post
    Well, I have a bunch of "maybe" candidates. Because MIDI files can play somewhat unpredictably on different devices (the Treo synthesizer set has its own peculiarities), it's not possible for me to test the candidates without putting them on an actual Treo and listening to them next to the original WAV file played by a desktop computer. My Treo is unavailable until this weekend, so if you want to test properly you'll need to do it yourself.

    None are likely to be perfect because of the limited set of synthesizer voices on the Treo. If you need it perfect, you can use Lightwave with the mp3 version as a ring tone. I'd like to have it as an alarm, so MIDI is preferred. I'm at burnout with the tinkering, though, so if you want more variations you'll have to get the Anvil Studio freeware and try it yourself!

    My thanks to 'dune' for the inspiration, encouragement, and MP3/WAV files.
    tnx 4 d mp3 tone!
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