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    Help, I seem to fill up my Treo with all these files I have no idea what programs they are connected with. Is there somewhere I can learn what applications these files are related to so I can delete if I am not using the application anymore.

    For example, what is NetFrontLib for 1165K? How about Old Graffiti 2 Lib for 754K. I have alot of these I can't figure out.

    Thanks a bunch!!
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    Netfontlib is part of Blazer!! You don't wanna delete that! Besides it's in Rom so you couldn't delete it if you wanted to, so don't worry about it! Also, the old graffiti lib on my treo is only like 131 K and again in Rom...

    Anyway, to clear up more ram, you need a 3rd party memory manager like PowerRun, TealAlias etc. I recommend Zlauncher b/c it combine a full fledged memory manager with customizable launcher, file manager, viewer etc...very nice imo...
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