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    I've had my 600 since saturday evening - it was a swap out by Sprint for my 3rd broken 300. I really thought I there wasnt that much of a difference between the unit I loved and used for 2 years and its replacement. I realize now exactly how wrong I was.

    It absolutely blows my mind that I am able to stream shoutcasts and play it thru the speaker of the phone.

    That functionality alone is worth the money alone for this machine.

    I think I am beginning to understand the devotion to this pda/phone.

    I once again renew my vow to never return to the simple cell phone lifestyle. Hoorah for "smart devices"!
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    Everyone has at least "one feature" from this phone that wows them...

    For you it's Shoutcast streaming, for me, I was wowed by simply using PTunes alone!!
    My phone is my personal MP3 player now - nuff said!!

    (The list of features can go on and on........unbelievable device!)
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    That's nothing! Go get Kinoma Producer (around $30) and then download (legally of course) videos and put them on your SD card. I LOVE watching Seinfeld episodes while I'm waiting in line at the DMV. Ya can't do THAT on a nokia brother.
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    heres a tip for you to listen to your mp3s without buying special headphones or adaptors. i took the single headset they provided and stuck a small rubberband around the pick up/hang up button, as long as this button is held down you can listen to music thru this headset. it's ghetto i know but it works for me since i need to other ear to answer phone calls.
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    The thing that rocked my world was the ability to receive and send E-mails on the go! I am a little attached to the Web (cough) so I was sometimes a little curious about my emails, but I had to wait to get home to check my laptop. NOT anymore. I can get emails traveling down the road practically anywhere there is a faint signal or just sitting in a movie if I like and that is technology!

    Being able to check/modify my Blog site and visit Forums on the go is also invaluable. I don't feel disconnected as I had before when I didn't have a computer at hand.

    P.S. Yep, Kinoma Producer rocks I have about 20 converted mini movies from my digicam on the Treo so I am never at a loss to share or revisit those special moments captured in time.
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    geekymom summed it up nicely. the treo allows us to stay connected, entertained, organized, busy, informed, stimulated, preoccupied, awake, and on and on. it's just the it thing. um ya, let's see your scrawny lil nokia do this!!...
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    Dear all,

    Haha...stimulated? What do you use your Treo 600 for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lure_Angler
    Dear all,

    Haha...stimulated? What do you use your Treo 600 for?
    It has a vibrate mode.
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    Nice to hear a commercial break from all the different subjects and just give the Treo 6 applause.

    I can only say....with all the new phones with PDA fuctionality with them, they still don't beat the Treo 600. They usually have one better feature than the Treo but lack the others. In my opinion, no keyboard, no good for me.

    I remember the first time I saw one in person. I was blown away with the size at first then all the features that came with it. How many ways can I be contacted?. 5 ways!! Voicemail...SMS (text messaging)...regular cellphone call...Instant Messaging (Yahoo,AIM, MSN)...and email. Can any other cellphone/PDA with the same size do all this and still fit snug on my hip? NOTHING !!!!! NADA!!! NOBODY!!!!!

    TREO 600...........YOU GOTTA GET THIS THING!!!!!

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    I just discovered the streaming audio and I am amazed. It has inspired me to build a ShoutCast server at my house so I can stream my MP3's instead of carrying them around all the time in my SD card. Now I have my card free so I can put movies on it (oh hell yeah!). pTunes is awsome, Card Export2 is just siiiick!!!, and PdaNet is a god sent. I show my friends and family what i can do and they are blown away. Then I tell them what I paid for it and the faces start to cring. But how much would you pay for a phone, PDA, camera, web cam, movie recorder, voice recorder, SD card reader, MPeg player, Streaming audio + MP3,WMA, OGG device, web access, IM, Email, SMS, MMS, and GAMES!!! hehe. That makes it all worth while.

    I am very happy with my Treo 600 and I am not going to be buying the Ace the day after it comes out.

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