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    Im using get mail......awsome product, but it keeps forcing a reboot every time it syncs up....was working fine this morning but now....crap

    It's Simple really..........
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    I use it, but it doesn't crash for me. I have it set to check mail every hour between 8 and 5 on weekdays.

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    thanks but changing those settings didn't help......but it helped me to n2row my seems to crash only on calenswr....not mail ??????
    It's Simple really..........
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    I have had similar crash problems...usually due to a glitch in one of your databases. What worked for me was to:

    1) synch
    2) do a hard reset (not soft)
    3) synch again to restore all data and software etc...

    This re-writes everything back to the palm nice and clean. Since doing this I have been crash free.
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    If you restore all software you may be syncing the problems back to the devide. With my old Palm V, I had to install things one by one and test before I knew what the problem was. If you still have issues after sync, reset, sync you may need to do it the *long* way.
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    Is anyone also using the web version of get mail. The basic desktop access through www ? (I can never remember what they call it, perhaps wireless desktop?)

    In any case, I try logging in on the web and the system never accepts my pin on the treo but does on any other device (such as a normal computer). Can anyone help me on that.

    I also use get mail when my corporate mail is live. I find it used to crash all the time but I did go through an upgrade of that product with rogers... I think about 6 months ago maybe... Since then, and with the OS upgrade, things seem fine. I think there might also be some problems with your keyboard lock system and the hourly automated fetch...
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    i got fed up of it, ie i dont use it

    if anything i got snappermail

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