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    I've searched for a while the sound of the closing bells (prefer in mp3) of the market without any real success. I'd like to associate it with my SMS stock alerts using CallShield.

    If anyone can point me to it, that would be great!
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    It is by no means perfect but check out sound # 6303 on Great site with tons of cool sounds, voices, etc. In the search bar in the upper right-ish corner just type 6303 and check it out.
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    Step 1- Go to Radio Shack

    Step 2- Pick up a mini-stereo to dual RCA cable

    Step 3- Hook up RCA connectors on cable to TV

    Step 4- Plug Mini-phono end of cable into Audio In jack of your computer sound card

    Step 5- Test Audio levels using sndvol32.exe (your Windows Volume Control)

    Step 6- Wait for 4:00 and tune into CNBC

    Step 7- Load Start > Run > Sndrec32.exe and press record

    Step 8- Save audio file to .wav format

    Step 9- Use a wav->mp3 converter program to build an mp3 from that so you can use it as a ringer in Lightwav or CallFilter

    If no one has the file, this is a simple way to record your own...

    Good luck.
  4.    #4 (note typo) had a boxing single bell for that sound, not exactly what I was looking for but thanks anyway.

    Thanks Phildro but was hoping for a nice clean sound without the trouble. I figured it's a popular enough sound that somebody must have recorded it by now! :-)

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