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    I have bought two Scan Disk 1GB SD cards, for them both not to work. I have used a 128 for some time. So I am use to a SD card, but maybe I am missing something. I copy my old card onto my new card. Both times the SD card works at this point. But when I view the card on my Windows computer using Explore, the files have funny wired names. Then I try to copy new photos to the card. They do not copy, and after that, Explore says the card is corrupted, and my Treo can not read the card. Is there some conditioning that needs to be done to the card? Tried to reformat, but it would not finish. Are there certin options I should pick when formatting? Are there rules I should be following? Ways of copying information?

    Thanks for your help

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    Did your format the card in the treo 600 or in your pc?
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    At first I did not format. When I had a problem, I tried formating on the computer, but it did not work. Can you format on the Treo?

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    Thats what the problem is.
    From the PDA menu select Card Info.
    Then select format card. The card will then work in the Treo 600 and in a SD card reader
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