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    All, seen a fair number of lists on the buzzing in these forums, but I want to iterate what I am experiencing and to see if I can find the right solution. My phone is an unlocked UK Orange, now connected to O2. Upgraded the firmware to 03.05, Software version Row 1.12. Pratically, the phone is great but unless I can resolve the terrible buzzing noise in the speaker which both I and the person am talking to can hear, the phone has to go. Its so bad, people can't hear what I am saying, and therefore I have to use a different phone to call them on. I brought the phone from ebay, which was over 6 months ago but now this buzzing has started. What's the solution ditch the phone or what?????
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    I had a buzzing problem, and PalmOne replaced the phone. Get a replacement.
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    Yup - its a warranty fix if you an get Orange to accept it without being the original owner. Otherwise if you feel handy with some aluminium foil and a screwdriver visit forums for a simple DIY fix.
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    the fix is also listed here. search for 'buzz'
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    After tearing my hair out and reading the forums I found the following link;start=4#4
    I decided to try the much simpler drill method as opposed to the foil paper method because it seemed easier and it worked flawlessly for me. All it requires is the itty bitty torx driver as far as tools.

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