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    Is there a way to find out how much power my Treo 600 battery has left in it, without using the stylus to touch the upper right corner of the screen?

    I cannot find any other way to display current battery level.

    Does anybody know a menu or button which will show battery level?
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    Try Bob's Popup/Launch program or KeyGuard Time
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    Clockpop5 is a great program that will show time, battery level, next appointment and memory status when you hold a hard button of your choice down. also these features can be turned off or on in the preferences. I think it's free as well.

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    ClockPop5 works great - you can assign it to any of the 4 hard keys and it will show up when you press-and-hold it. it also shows the time and the memory state.

    alternative, which will simply warn you through the attention manager if the battery drops below certain user-defined levels is my program Profeo SystemAlarms, which you can find at
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    FILEZ will show you the battery life.
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    Zlauncher will show the battery level as well... Also another vote for ClockPOP!
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    I use Hi-Launcher, which shows the battery %
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    My finger works as well as a stylus...
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    I prefer the thumb to the stylus...its always out and accesable
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    I use Bob's Popup/Launch. Together with Bob's Alarm, a cool app.

    The problem is that you only get the battery level quickly on the pop-up app which only works when the treo is off. So to get the battery level, I need to turn off the treo, then do the pop up to get the level.

    So I use my thumb when it's turned on (which isn't too easy)
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