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    I'm only posting this because I think I've tried everything else and I'm open to suggestions.

    I can't send email.

    Here's the basics:

    Using the latest version of the handspring email client

    Also dowloaded the trial of Snappermail to see if that would solve things. It didn't.

    I have no problem receivng my emails.

    I was able to send email using the old handspring client, before the last upgrade.

    Sprint CDMA

    pop settings


    Set to leave messsages on server, no ssl for pop or smtp

    I have no problem logging into email on the Sprint website (or receving mail on my Treo), so I'm guessing that my username and password settings are correct.

    That's all I can think of right now. I can't remember if there was an issue with the upgrade and leftover mail files. Rings a bell.

    This is not a huge hardship, but a bit of a drag. I know I'm just missing something simple.

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    Not sure if the HS mail client supports SSL on SMTP, but if it does, check it off. I was having a similiar problem in SM Premier, and when I marked "secure if available" using the outgoing sprint settings, it cleared it right up.
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    Should have mentioned, but I have tried that before. That's what makes this problem so irritating. I know I'm missing something, but darned if I know what it is.

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    Bump mysef for help.
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    Any errors captured in the log? not sure if the hs client has a log but SM has one. That might shed some light.
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