Can anyone reccommend a 3rd party app to change the Default Contact (phone # / email) field in palm's address database?

On my Palm 3, there used to be a drop-down in the contact (addressbook) application withing the contact details screen to select which # would appear in the list. With OS5 and the HS contacts app, all #s appear so this isn't a problem, so they've removed the drop-down selector capability.

The problem is that the default # database field still exists. It can be and is used by other apps (most notably DateBk5 which uses the default # for linking contacts to appointments or tasks). Now when I link a contact, I have no choice but to insert the previous default #, might be home #, when I really want to insert the mobile #. I have contacted CESD from Datebk5, and he is aware of the issue but unable to make changes in his app. He suggested finding a "contacts" app which lets you edit and update this 'hidden' field.

Any suggestions??