I have had my Treo 180 for several years now, and it has become central to managing my life, as well as keeping me in touch with the world.

In an effort to become more organized, I have been evaluating several applications that have both a Windows desktop and a Palm OS interface. The one I have been most impressed with is Note Studio, from dogMelon software (http://www.dogmelon.com.au/index.shtml). In a nutshell, it lets you create a fairly deep and interlinked personal "website" of any kind of information you want to put in.

I want to be able to store as much in Note Studio as I can, so that all my information is in one place. This includes all the information normally stored in Address Book, like email addresses and phone numbers. However, there is not a way to just select a phone number and have my Treo 180 dial the number automatically, as you can from Address Book.

Does anyone know of any DAs or other software that could make this possible? I have asked the folks at dogMelon but they have not gotten back to me yet (in all fairness, there probably has not been enough time). I am willing to try just about anything that is legal and not too expensive.

Any information you may have about this capability will be appreciated.