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    Ok, so I'm driving home this morning after working out, and decided to call my buddy. I'm using my hands free kit (from the Treo 300) and have the phone sitting between my legs on my car seat with the antenna facing out. We're having a good conversation and suddenly I have this incredible urge to pass some gas. "What the heck" I say to myself, "No way he can hear me". After a nice "out" my buddy stops in the middle of what he's saying and says... "What in the heck was that???" I tried to seem confused, "What was what?", "Dude, it sounded like you took your phone and shoved it up your **** and ripped a fart..." I laughed, and laughed some more.

    So, the mic on the 600 must stay active/hot when using a handsfree set.

    I'm glad I learned this with a dude on the other line and not my wife

    Happy trails...
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    no the funny part is that you passed gas on your own phone that you will later have up near your mouth.
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    The earpiece adaptor is different on the 300 and 600, thus accounting for the issue. Use the correct earpiece and this won't happen. You may rip in peace.

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