For the past 36 hours I have been getting a DATA TIMEOUT problem in Blazer on Vision network in downtown New York City.

I used ping command in view log of network preferences to ping local ip and get Error timeout (0x1212): time=10ms

I have 1.20 update, Hardware Revision C, Handspring branded T600. The most recent applications I installed were Rescoviewer 1.80 and Snappermail Beta v 2.03.07

I can send and receive mail as well as SMS so this is definitely a Blazer problem. I have done soft and warm resets.

Using SysTool, I have the following Unknown Unsaved Preferences files:

MbTS (I think this is Mobile TS)
asc3 & asc4
MTro (I think this is Metro)

Does anyone know anything about HsMI, asc3, and asc4 files?