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    Which SD card should I buy

    I have three choices. (All prices in Canadian dollars)

    The Sandisk 512MB goes for $133.
    Toshiba's 512 goes for $115
    Panasonic's high speed 512 goes for $170.

    I think if Toshiba and Sandisk are the same quality, then that would take Sandisk out of the picture. That just leaves Toshiba's low speed for 115 or Panasonic's high speed for 170. Are the Toshiba's ok in terms of quality? I'd like the Panasonic since I know they're one of the pioneers of the SD format.

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    I've been using a regular Lexar 256MB SD card for some time now. I don't use it much on the Treo 600 except as a place to hold the card, but I do use it on my computers all the time.

    I've found the read/write speeds on the computers to be slow. In the future, I will consider getting a high speed card assuming it will make some difference in the read/write speeds on my computers and also the Treo.

    With that, I can't recommend a brand, but I would say go for the high speed card. You'll probably be happy that you did instead of getting stuck with a slower card. Prices are falling on the regular cards...hopefully the high speed card prices will be following soon.

    As for the brands, look in this board because it's been discussed plenty.
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