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    I've read a few posts about problems with this program. Should I wait. I'm usinf sprint with most recent firmware.
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    They offer a demo version.

    They just released a new version (3.0) a few days ago.

    Download the trial and test it out. If it works and you like it go ahead and purchase it. If you don't like the way it functions simply don't register it.
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    PDANet works pretty darn well for me - unless I'm in one-bar coverage areas, I don't suffer from the disconnects that other folks have mentioned. I recently upgraded from 2.x to 3.0 and it has worked well so far. Enhanced features are noted on their web site.

    PDANet 3.0 thread:
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    I used PDANet on my 180, 270 and Sprint 600 over the last couple of years. It was absolutely ROCK SOLID. The only challenges I've had were with my GSM Treo 600 with the disconnect issues. I'm posting now using PDANet and over the last 2 days using PDANet 3.0 it has worked great! Give it a trial run. If you don't have the disconnect issues I had it is definitely worth the money. Good luck!
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    Is anyone using PDANet with their Mac Powerbook, using VirtualPC? If so, is it working ok for both the PC and Mac sides?
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    Does anyone know if it is a free upgrade for 2.52b users?

    On a different note, I am getting really aggitated about having to track down all the latest software. I installed a program to do this, but why wouldn't the developers send out a note that they have a new version to the registered users? Makes no sense.
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    I am reluctant to buy/register because of the possible release of a new Treo model. Going from the 300 to the 600 was a big change and required purchasing a new version of pdanet. No one seems to know if a new version of pdanet will need to be purchased for every single new Treo. Right now I use Wirelessmodem.
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    driddle, I sent an email to June Fabrics with that very question, and they said it is a free upgrade...
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    From FAQ page:

    How do I upgrade?

    First of all you need to uninstall the existing version from your computer. You can do that from Start->Programs->PdaNet->Uninstall PdaNet or by going to Control Panels->Add/Remove Programes.

    After you uninstall the old version, visit our website and download the latest trial version then install it on your PC. Do HotSync when you are prompted to. You should not need to enter your registration code again since it should be remembered on your machine.
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    Just upgraded to problems noted...quick and easy...PDAReach looks interesting, but I did not download the demo.
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