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    Ok so Verizon is finlay carrying the Treo 600 (never mind that they don't have any in the retail stores, great launch plan). They want 499 for it with a one year plan (ouch) where Cingular is offering the Treo 600 for 349 plus a $50 rebate so you can get for as little as $299. Anyone know how to work the system to ge Verizon to price match a bit or load the verizon firmware onto the Cingular model so it works without odd problems? When I asked verizon about price matching they told me to politely **** off they are to big to care (nice). Seems like there should be a reasonable way to work the system here.
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    The only phones that Verizon firmware can be put on are Verizon phones and Sprint phones as they are CDMA and have a CDMA radio in them. Cingular, AT&T, T-Mobile are all GSM and have a GSM radio in them. You can swap firmware between CDMAs.
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    There is, of course, also no way to get the promotional pricing from any provider - Cingular, Sprint or otherwise - without also signing a contract. Most of the rebates and pricing figures are contingent upon fulfilling a contract and will be charged back to you (via a termination fee) if you don't meet the req's of the contract.

    As such, I'd recommend going with Sprint if CDMA is your preference - they have the best price currently - $349 in Sprint stores.
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    I just talked to an authorized vendor and they can typically beat verizon corporate. If you go with a data plan, 5 mb or unlimited, they can knock off around 100 bucks. At least that's what my guy is offering me.

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