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    Since I applied the Handspring updater to my Sprint Treo 600, I've been having periodic freezes. The phone doesn't freeze completely or reset, but the entire interface freezes for anywhere from a couple of seconds up to maybe 15 or 20 seconds. During this time, it won't respond to any input, from the screen, from the buttons, or even from the on/off button. If I'm on the phone, I lose the call. This has made the phone functionality borderline-unusable. Anyone experienced anything like this?
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    Duh, mean Treo 600. Edited...
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    Search this section of the board. There are several threads regarding issues after the update. The problem you have may go away after a hard reboot. Then again there are many of us that have issues even after a hard reboot even while our Treo is 100% clean. I've even gone to the Sprint PCS store and after they have done the hard reboot shown them the exact same problems still exist for my Treo 600. So there is a chance the update exposed flaws within your Treo. There is also a range of ESNs that are known to be bad and have problems. Mine is one of those.

    Good luck. Hope you've got a replacement plan.
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    Interesting. Thanks for the advice.

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