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    I left my Treo in the rain, dumb or what? After it dried off for awhile it rebooted without any of my information saved, so I did a RESTORE off a backup chip I had made, it was fine, although I missed some important stuff from the past week or two.

    HOWEVER, I discovered that the microphone is BARELY BARELY BARELY working. Will it dry out? What should I do??

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    I dipped mine in a cup of soda(at night while driving) and went home and shook it downward like a thermonmater, then hairdryer ....then it was ok.
    Sorry @ spelling I'm still on my first and ony t600, got it the day they were released
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    Just speak loudly into the phone, counting in German. When you get to "drei", you're done!
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    Still out.. I have a heater blow onto the unit now. The microphone SEEMS to be that little hole at the bottom of the back cover. Patiently waiting........

    I guess I shouldn't attempt to open the case?????????
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    Maybe not a solution here, but if you know you are going to be near water like a pool and beach, plan ahead.

    I had a water experience too with my Treo but now I try to keep a plastic sandwich bag in my phone sling while on vacation. This way I can surf the web, etc. and not worry too much about the unexpected splash. The ziplock bags work really well!

    (PS, I posted earlier on using 91 percent alcohol to unstick my keys, maybe it will help the mic tho I doubt it)
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    Last week I left my Treo in my rain jacket pocket.


    For 24 hours the mic did not work - I had to use an external headset.

    After 24 hours, mic dried out and worked fine.

    So there's hope....

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