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    Is there a Dial-Up networking app I can use that will allow me to dial-up to and send/receive email through my earthlink account?

    I had a Kyocera 6035 a few years ago and it allowed me to dial directly to my ISP rather than paying for the carriers (Verizonwireless) email/web service. Now I'm on Cingular (GSM) and it doesn't seem like I can configure the Treo to do this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
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    Cingular is my wireless provider and I have ISP dialup set on my Treo and it works fine. You can configure a new connection in the Network Pref. The Connection Type is a Wireless Dialup. Just enter your ISP's phone number and you login name and password. I have mine configured as the default connection and use it instead of the GPRS when all I want to do is get email. If I want to surf a bit I'll connect using GPRS. Hope this helps.
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    I'm also on cingular, and I'm trying to DialUp my SBC account. I can't get it to work. It shows "connect" for 3 sec then "Cancel".

    Any advices ?

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