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    I am still interested in a Wifi Card for my Treo 600 (GSM). I have been wandering around aimlessly without wifi. I have been trying to keep up with the companies developing these technologies.

    Recently, I noticed that the C-Guys from Japan have posted installation instructions for Palm devices. Please view:

    C-Guys Website Link

    I do not see the files for download however. I am going to email them today to see where we are with this.

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    I just emailed them about this and they are encountering a major problem at the Palm OS level therefore they said there will be a delay of 1.5-2 months from getting the driver for Palm OS5 working. Even then, they are doubtful of this working on the Treo and Tungsten E because they do not supply enough power, but that is not conclusive because their driver isn't finished yet. Additionally, like Sandisk, they are getting little to no support from PalmOne on this.

    So IMHO it doesn't look good at all, but this developing story still has some life.
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    Excellent find. Some of the SD wi-fi cards from Sandisk are made to take less power so maybe they'd work if the drivers could somehow be combined. Not likely though.
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    Hope this one works. The treo 600 would be a killer with wi-fi

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