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    Hi! Does anyone know anything about the new AOL 3.2.1 for Treo 600? I am addicted to AOL IM but am annoyed by both Verichat & Chatter - I don't want to manually enter all my buddy contacts and would like to do simple things like read a buddy's away message and receive IM's from people not on my buddy list.

    I was hoping this new AOL for Treo 600 might be what I'm looking for...but was wondering if any wise treo owner has any insight....? thanks!
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    I use the AOL for Treo, its a pretty solid program so far, but i don't think u have the capabilty to actually check the away messages of u're buddies, i would have 2 double check.
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    thanks! anyone else tried it?
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    The new version adds functionality for the 5-way pad on the Treo 600. And it removes the connection options so you are automatically using data. That's about it that I have noticed. Oh, you can also indicate that you are away for IM, which does nothing for me since I use Verichat. Anyone notice anything else?

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