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    I just got off the phone with VZ Data help group.

    I called them because when I leave my phone in phone mode and do not turn off the display, after several minutes my screen disappears. Basically the virtual keypad disappears.

    I was told that is a problem with some of the phones. If you are having this experience as well call VZ as soon as you can. They only offer an exchange for a new phone for the first 15 days. After that the phone they exchange with is a refurbished one.

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    If you're on a call, does it terminate too? This sounds more like the screen powering off to save battery life. If you tap and key, does it turn back on?
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    I have to switch screens to bring it back. For example I need to switch to PDA mode or turn off the phone and then turn back on. Then my virtual key display comes back.

    all and any suggestions and advice are welcomed.

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    I used my T600 since last Monday and have officially FEDEX'd it back to Verizon today. Too many problems to deal with.

    Switching to Blackberry 7750.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildferret
    I have to switch screens to bring it back. For example I need to switch to PDA mode or turn off the phone and then turn back on. Then my virtual key display comes back.

    all and any suggestions and advice are welcomed.

    Everything you just stated sounds like the screen turning off after a period of inactivity like it is supposed to do. This is by design.

    Some things to keep in mind

    1) The Treo 600 is never off.
    2) The button on the top turns wireless MODE on or off, it does not turn the phone off.
    3) There actually is no such thing as "PDA Mode." What you are calling "phone mode" is an application that runs in OS5 so in effect the Treo is always in "PDA Mode."
    4) When the screen turns off there are at least 5 ways to turn it back on. Hit the "phone", "calendar", "email", "brightness" (the 4 buttons around the d-pad) or the "wireless mode" button.

    And finally I would suggest that you read the manual
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    I have a Sprint Palm One-branded Treo 600 & I also have the issue. As the original poster said - the keypad or wallpaper will disappear when you press the phone application button after the Treo has been asleep a while. You have to switch apps in order to get the phone screen back to normal...
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    I hate to say this WildFerret but... this sounds like standard Palm OS behavior. There is an auto-timeout set on all Palm OS handhelds which is either 30 secs, 60secs or 2 minutes for the screen to auto-sleep. Treo 600 is not like other phones where the LCD remains on all the time. The phone is still on and you can activate the LCD anytime you want by pressing the Phone key. You may have jumped the gun on your buyers remorse. If a call comes in the phone simply wakes up and the screen comes on.

    MiaTreo - your issue sounds a bit different. I have seen some slow screen redraw sometimes because of two possible issues - the image used as wallpaper is too big. You should only use 160x160 or lesser size images as backgrounds or the Treo will have to resize the image every time to fit. I have also seen GoodLink on my phone cause a white screen while it "rebuilds email traffic".

    The RIM devices are great but they lack touch-screens and the finesse and elegance of Palm OS. Plus you dont get to rummage thru the vast software repositories like
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    It really amazes me that POne still has not figured out how to make these things function relliably. After going through all of the Sprint unit issues, and then almost as many on the GSM market, what can't they figure out ??

    After going through 3 GSM units in 4 months, I am selling my T600 and going back to my iPAQ 4355 and Moto E398 combo.

    Great concept POne, just couldn't execute. Good Luck with the Treo Ace .....

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    Thanks for all the help guys. dgoodisi thank you for the info you gave. I did read the manual ( I am weird that way, I read all instructions for everything I buy ). I have called Verizon and PalmOne and they both were not able to figure it out. They have sent me a new phone to see if that would correct the issue. It did not, I believe the info that has been written here explains why. Thanks again for all your support.

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    This is the standard behavior. The screen does shut off after being in phone mode, and yes you have to hit an application key for it to come back.

    My 300 acted like this and my Hitachi G1000 did the exact same thing (and the G1000 is a PPC). Basically, you have to shut off the I/O to conserve power. This is what happens when you tie a PDA and a cell phone together.

    Is there a 600 version of treohelper so you can monkey with the firmware settings?

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