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    Just ordered a Treo 600 form my local Verizon retail Outlet. Paid $449 with two year agreement. Also insurace will cover Treo against any problems including breakage. Insurance limits customers to two replacement phones per year with a $50 deductable. Treo should be here in two days. Yea!
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    Just FYI... I had my phone (LG VX4400) stolen 2 months ago and had to use the insurance plan (which is through Asurion) and it was easy. I called, they didn't have my model in stock, but did two days later and shipped the phone very quickly. It was a brand new replacement as far as I could tell, although it came in an Asurion box. Overall, it was a good experience and I too purchased the insurance on the Treo I purchased today.
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    Understand that you may not be getting what you think. Many, Many people are extremely unsatisfied with Asurion. I AM ONE.
    I have/had insurance through Verizon to Asurion and my Treo 600 ended up with a cracked screen.
    Asurion tells me that they are on back order and they do not know when they will be in. It is now one week and no phone/PDA in sight.
    Now, everybody knows that you can order a new Treo 600 and have it shipped over night.
    They obviously are not getting me a new phone and they are bending me over the proverbial ........ waiting to get some refurbished units or something.
    Over the years, Asurion has my money more than enough to pay retail for this new unit and to get lied to and delayed is PHOOOOIEEEE!
    You all shoud consider cancelling your insurance if it is with Asurion. Verizon tells me that the insurance is with different companies depending on which state you are in. Michigan apparently is Asurion and woe is you if you have a Treo 600 with Asurion.

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    i have the same insurance company as yours via TMO. I am in CA and I have not filed any claims yet. I have read lot of bad stories about that insurance company because they want to take ur money and not giving you a replacement. i sure will make sure i (try to) get my $$ worths thou.

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