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    Quote Originally Posted by tobtan
    I was really disappointed seeing the T610-as stated in the post above it's not a huge jump like it was anticipated-it still has an aerial for starters......!

    I'm not that loyal to Palm(I hope you're listening!!!)and I have been reading about the Motorola MPx at Howard Forums and its got all the Bells and Whistles that I wished my Treo 600 had so that will probably be my next purchase when it comes out-I'm in no rush to upgrade.

    Here's the thread again about the MPx-sounds amazing..........!
    Impressive unit indeed. The problem I have with a PPC is the cost factor with surfing the web. Currently on Sprint I pay $10 a month for unlimited access, so unless I'm misunderstanding something about the internet usage factor, the PPC is a dead deal for me. (I came from a PPC format but never got the wireless service for the same reason).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgauss
    The Treo Ace will take the 600 into a new world:

    Pictures we can proudly show
    Movies we can use to educate, entertain
    BT which will hit strongly over the next 24 months with all sorts of devices
    Official voice recorder
    Decent workable camera

    When you compare a 300 to a 600, it is not as exciting as moving from the 600 to a 610 (or Ace)

    Moving from a 610 to a 620 will not be revolutionary. It will be evolutionary.

    We are about to break loose. The 600 to the 610 is a revolutionary step. Bigger than the Palm Vx to the Treo 270 or 300.

    Its very exciting.
    I'm pretty excited too but I think the jump from my 270 to 600 was bigger than the 600 to the ACE will be. I don't think the functionality increase is as big. The hi-res screen and faster processor doesn't really add that much functionality it justs let's the ACE do things either better or in more stylish fashion.

    At any rate, if Sprint/P1 hook up to give me the same deal I got last time for upgrading where a 1 year contract rebate plus P1 discount gets me an ACE for $300 then I'm there dudes! Life IS too short to deny myself such pleasure over a mere $300. What is $300? It's just like 2 overboard nights at the nudey bar. And I've cut those down over the years anyway - so I DESERVE it!

    My only concern is this 32MB rumor. They better up it to 64 MB because my 600 doesn't have enough room as it is. That would be really nickel and diming if they put all that other good stuff in the ACE and then cheap out on something as inexpensive as memory when their other Tungsten models have it.
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    Does anyone here see the lack of a Menu key as a problem?

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    There is a dedicated Menu key above the 5 way in the posted renditions of the Ace. Looks like it doubles as a soft key as well.
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    That's good because the menu key is inconveniently located for one hand nav on the 600.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    the treo ace will become revolutionary when they integrate ev-do into the technology - data at dsl speeds! now THAT will be something!
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    I wholeheartedly agree with that. This new Treo will do somethings better. But the broadband speeds on a handheld - that's what really excites me. I was really disappointed that the 600 web browsing wasn't a lot quicker. I suspect the new Treo's faster processor will flip the bottleneck from processor to the bandwidth constraints so that it will be faster but not at broadband speeds.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    here here to the last two posts!

    maybe if we all collectively trumpet this plea to accelerate the release of a broadband capable Treo we'll make an impact. (probably not, but it makes me feel better when i post). anyway, here's my effort:
    Off to iPhone land...
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