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    I am not sure if this is a hardware/software issue after I installed the ATT 1.13 update. I hope someone can help. Around the time, I was installing the ATT 1.13 update on the Treo 600, my "Personal User Data" file will not open in my Palm Desktop on Mac OS X 10.2.8 and now it will not synch to my Treo.

    I can only open my "Personal User Data Archive" file on my desktop. (not updated - 300kb ). My User file is 9.3MB but for some reason it will not open or synch. The logs now show an error # 4100. Everything else (pics taken, phone call logs, favorites buttons, some db information, high scores in games) in my Treo 600 seems to be up to date, except my palm (address, book, to do list, memos) data.

    At first, I did not install the ATT 1.13 update with the charger connected. This lead me to the loop problem, so I deleted the '.prc' files manually. After trying again to install the update correctly, I noticed my personal data will not update. I do run Pylon Pro (so I removed it)

    Appreciate any suggestions or some way to 'open' my user file.
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    Try this: It may be only Mac OS 9 though.

    The Updater does not make any changes to the data formats of your personal data. The PIM apps are identical. My guess is that something else went on here. One of the key differences between the Mac HotSync process and PC process is that there is no archive folder on Mac. If you delete something, it remains in your \Backup folder on the Mac. When you restore your data after a ROM upgrade, a lot of older stuff that you formerly deleted will return. My bet is that you have some of this junk to contend with. I suggest trying to hard reset the device and before you re-synch your data, move the Backup folder contents someplace else. Then reinstall the apps you know that you want.
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    Unfortunately the utility didn't do anything to this problem.

    I check the log files and I get Error #4100 whenever I log. Ever since my problem started. If someone familiar with this. I have search and opened a case with PalmOne without much success yet. Thanks.

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