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    Has anyone out there had their standard phone application cause soft resets? My Sprint 1.2 phone just stared doign this last week. Any action to the phone app would cause a soft reset. Something as simple as dialing a phone number or answering a call causes a soft reset. I perfomed several hard resets and restored several different days of Backupman backups. The phone opperates for a couple of hours to a day before having the phone app do soft resets again.

    Anyone have/had the same problem?
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    yep, having the same problem.

    yields the following about the reset

    Line:1594, Index out of range
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    Did you upgrade to 1.2 or was it already on there when you bought it? I am still debating the upgrade...
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    I had upgraded a long time ago to 1.20. Probably within days of the release of the firmware. Had NO problems with that upgrade.

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