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    I took my old friend T600 to the beach with me.
    My son was so jealous that dropped some water on it. I took care of him (cleaned and dried very carefully) but the screen stopped working (it only shows very nice flat colours: sometimes blue, sometimes yellow or a very beautiful orange)

    I have opened it (what a mistake! now I cannot take it to repair to P1...) and it seems that the internal screen circuitry is completely damaged. Probably the sea salt is very corrosive...

    Any idea apart from the suicide?

    If anyone can sell me a working screen I think I'm able to replace it, please drop me a mail with details and proposed price to
    Joan López i Graupera
    Barcelon@ - Catalonia
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    best option is to take the casing off and wash it with copious amounts of clear water. Then let it completely dry (may take a few days). Then cross your fingers and give it a try!
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    My heart goes out to you, we have forty seven on these phones with sixty percent of them living on the coast, this reminds me of when we were running Ericsson R380’s I received a dead phone from a tech asking for a replacement.

    We just don’t give phones out for the hell of it I said, you have to fill out a “equipment damaged in the field report”. I got the report back a day later with the entry in the reported fault field being “Pacific Ocean”.

    We weren’t talking about a few drops of water, he was out fishing with his mates on the weekend, lent over side of the boat (phone in top pocket) to pull in a crab pot and splash a quick fifteen feet sprial to the bottom.

    Did you know mobile phones don’t float and can’t swim? He put in the general comments section followed by a little smily face.

    He is not longer with us.
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    salt water doesn't mix well with electronic components.....
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    call your carrier and add the insurance wait 30 days and say you lost it there that should solve part of your problem it the 30 days that would kill me (no phone that is).
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    I protect mine in an otterbox when I take it to the beach - model #2000 (really made for protecting fishing flys). Visit they have a specials bin with cheap prices (I paid $10).

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