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    Hi all

    Since I updated my firmware (official Orange update) my treo has problems to log on to GPRS every now and then.

    The logon screen "Meldet an..." (i.e. "Logging on..." or similar in english - dunno the exact english text) does not disappear for about a minute or two, then a new screen ("Bricht ab...", i.e. "Cancelling..." or similar) appears for another one or two minutes. During the time "Cancelling..." is shown, the phone is blocked, which is quite annoying.

    Only switching off and on wireless mode will correct the problem, so that logon is possible again.

    This might be due to the fact that the new firmware interrupts GPRS connections after a certain idle time (the old firmware never did, so the problem was less visible, if at all present).

    I am not sure if this problem is connected to Orange Switzerland, either.

    So, first question: Does anyone know how to correct the GPRS logon problem?

    Second question (as a workaround), does anyone know how to prevent the new firmware from interrupting idle GPRS connections?

    Kind regards

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    I have noticed the same problem myself, since applying the official T-Mo (USA) update. I had the unofficial update for a while but did not notice this. Have not tried wireless off/on - instead I found that a soft reset works...but ...after a soft reset the option and shift keys are not recognized until I go to something like Memo and use the option and shift key. If I don;t do anyhting it seems to clear up after a while (no idea exactly how long though)

    I thought it might be 3rd party software, but maybe it is the update

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