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    I wanted to do a clean install of all my treo programs. So I did a hard reset of my Treo, and moved the c:\programs\handspring\"username"\backup\ folder to the desktop, to prevent the synch process from restoring all my apps. (I've done this before and it worked).

    Now, when I do a synch, the process fails as soon as I click on the user name in the "Select a User" dialog. The message on the Treo is "HotSync Operation was intterupted". Message in the HotSync Log is "An application on the PC failed to respond to a confirmation query. This application may need to be restarted."

    HotSync is running. I don't know what other application it could be refering to. I've restarted; same message. I've reinstalled the Palm Desktop; same problem.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Restart your PC and soft reset the Treo. This usually works.
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    Turns out it didn't work, though. Had to completely uninstall Palm Desktop and all the conduits, then reinstall.

    I suspect it was something to do with either PDAReach or PDANet, both of which I had installed immediately prior to this.
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    Reinstalling the Palm Desktop is what I would have suggested next. My other piece of advice is always to do so after shutting down your PC. Palm Desktop relies upon a lot of components being added to the registry. If your PC is having a bad week/day/year with memory leaks and suchlike (common), a shutdown clears all that memory junk up and leaves your PC refreshed and ready to install software properly.

    Registry writes for a typical install:
    File asociations
    Conduits - individually register with HS Manager
    USB driver - registers a USB class and then the USB driver palmusbd.sys

    If any of these fail you will see either no hotsync or partial hotsync or generally weird behavior.

    Regarding the June Fabric software, these guys rely upon loading their own software ahead of the HotSync Manager - this waits for a request to use the Treo as a modem but it also looks out for HotSync requests. If you have a slow PC, your Treo may time out before your lumbering PC gets a chance to unload pdaNet on your PC and reload the HotSync Manager. I have seen thi happen on quite snappy PCs - it is a minor annoyance with pdaNet. You also cannot clearly see when HotSync Manager is running because it is always hidden by pdaNet - it is not even running as a process until pdaNet reloads it.

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