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    It looks like if I buy a keyboard there are 2 choices...the one for the 600 and the wireless palm. My question is what is the best out of the 2 evils?

    The wireless does not have a dedicated number row and requires you to push function key first. Does this slow you down considerably when typing? Also there is no charging ability.

    The dedicated 600 keyboard does have a dedicated number row but from the posts I have seen can be somewhat temperamental and requires you to disable and enable the keyboard software upon use, which seems like it could be a bother.

    Any advice as to which way I should go?
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    I use the Palm Wireless Keyboard. At first, I hated the lack of number dedicated Keys. I shortly got used to it and know it is no big deal. Battery life is also excellent (I'm still using the batteries that came with the keyboard for almost 4 months). But the PWK driver also needs to be enabled when you use it so keep that in mind. I bought the PWK because it was cheaper, could be used on other palms (and PPCs and Symbian with a proper driver) and finally because the last keyboard I bought that was the slide out kind and I popped out two keys within 6 months just shuting the keyboard. Your choice though. Just my 2 cents.

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    I use the dedicated Treo keyboard. You can almost always leave the driver enabled though, unless you're using Infrared synchronization, and as I've recently discovered, a serial GPS receiver. I had totally forgotten that it had a power port for charging while using it. Now I have to find that power supply and label it so I don't forget why I have it again!
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    Went for the wireless...liked the battery life and thought about if I ever upgraded or decided to change my 600 I could take my keyboard with me. Thanks for the advice guys.
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    The PalmOne Portable Keyboard for Treo 600 appears to be a
    relabeled Darfon/Benq G740 (or G740-01 or G740-001):
    Because the Treo 600 has the same connector as the earlier
    Treo 90, 180, 270 & 300, this keyboard should be mechanically
    and electrically compatible with the Treo 90/180/270/300.

    However, Palm only provides drivers for the Treo 600, which
    runs Palm OS 5. The Treo 90 uses Palm OS 4.1H, and the
    Treo 180, 270 & 300 use Palm OS 3.5.2H, and PalmOne does
    not provide G740 keyboard drivers for them.

    But the G740 is VERY similar to the other G700 keyboards
    made by Darfon/Benq, and two of the other Darfon/Benq/Belkin
    G700-series keyboards have drivers for OS 3.x and 4.x:
    So it seems possible that the "PalmOne Portable Keyboard for
    Treo 600" (a/k/a G740) might be made to work with Treo models
    90/180/270/300 by using those drivers. The two G700-series
    keyboards that have Palm OS 3.x and Palm OS 4.x drivers are:

    G730 (Belkin F8Y1501) for Sony Clie
    G770 (Belkin F8P3502) for Palm universal[sic] connector Palm Pilots

    I sent a message to Benq, via their web form, several days ago,
    but so far they have not responded:

    It appears that the drivers were developed by Waytech Development:

    If I had one of these G740 keyboards, I'd download Palm OS drivers
    for the similar G730 and G770, and try them with this keyboard on a
    Treo 300. But I don't want to buy the keyboard just to do that test,
    and then be stuck with a useless keyboard if it doesn't work.

    Does anyone here have this keyboard for the Treo 600, and also
    have an old Treo 180/270/300 lying around that you would be willing
    to test it with?

    Here are some Darfon and Belkin driver download pages for the
    G730 & G770 keyboards. These are from
    and a few links found at

    Readme First before installation (2002/12/13 update):
    (same as

    Drivers -- I would try 'em in aprox. this order:
    (v1.7, 2003/06/03: one for OS 3.5 & 4, one for OS 5 only)
    (or (for Clie - drivers are identical))
    (v1.7, 2002/12/13: G730/770 Palm OS Keyboard driver A - sleep - for most users)
    (same as
    (v1.7 2002/12/13: G730/770 Palm OS Keyboard driver B - No sleep)
    (same as
    (v2.07 build 0813, 2003-08-19: intended for Sony Clie, maybe for OS 5 only? Per
    (v1.35, 2002/05/10)
    (Sony KB11 keyboard update for Clie PEG-TG50, with description at,
    and photo at,
    per advice at
    7. +
    (Igor Nesterov's beta driver v0.9.1, requires YAHM - yet another hack master.)
    (v2.0 build 0626, 2003/06/26: maybe for OS 5 only?)
    (v1.1, 2002/04/19)
    (v1.0, 2001/11/30)
    (v1.0, from CD that came with someone's keyboard, per
    (v1.0, G7A0 for Acer S10)

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncdave
    7. +
    (Igor Nesterov's beta driver v0.9.1, requires YAHM - yet another hack master.)
    Oops, don't bother with this one for the Treo 300/270/18/90. says, "written in pure ARM code ... requires PalmOS 5.x."
    Oh, well.

    For the OS 5 devices (Treo 600), note that Igor has a newer driver version (v1.5.3 beta):
    BTW, his driver is shareware ($8).

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    There's an interesting note here from a fellow who says that he is
    successfully using ThinkOutside drivers with a Darfon/Benq keyboard:
    I'm amazed that they are compatible!

    That suggests that, electrically, these PDA keyboards are a lot more similar
    than I would have guessed. That opens up a whole lot of other possibilities
    for experiments. Perhaps a Pocketop, iConcepts, or Targus keyboard driver
    would work with a ThinkOutside or Darfon/Benq keyboard? Several of the
    crummy keyboards apparently have working drivers for Treo 180/270/300:,00.html

    My problem is that I don't want a crummy keyboard, I want a good
    keyboard with a working driver for the Treo 180/270/300.

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    In fact, I have 2 keyboards. One at home and another at the office. I leave my T600 charging on the keyboard at my office and have instant access to all my data. My laptop is finding less and less use as my skills using the T6 grow thanks in part to the dedicated keyboard.

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