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    I have been a long time Palm user - just upgraded from a T3. I am thee days into my 15 day trial with Verizon. I have always used VZW so I am not worried about the network. My concern is that I may not be able to adjust to the Treo as a phone. I usually hold a phone to my ear and while the speaker phone is great and I carry an earbud with me, I am waiting to see how the Treo works at the ear. My Agendus mail is not working well so I think I will get Snapper mail if I keep it. I got a great deal ($299) and did not have to extend my contract so if an updated version arrives for christmas (yeah right) I will go for it.
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    Agendus Mail is working just fine on my Treo 600 on VZW to get my comcast mail.

    Post your settings (other than your password) and maybe someone on this board can get you going w/agendus rather than spending the extra on Snappermail if you already own agendus mail
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    I can get mail and send mail. I just can't find a way to have mail the default when I tap the agendus icon. Any thoughts? Also I can only use attachments from the card. i have the most recent version of Agendua Pro.


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