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    Has anyone experienced the following:

    Applications losing their registration?
    Soft resets (suddenly, where there weren't any)?

    I had to remove Teal Lock due to a conflict with the phone/security application. Butler kept losing it's reg., then Verichat lost it. Directory Assistance started giving resets. I'm getting ready to do a hard reset and restore to see if it helps.
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    Are/were you running a launcher? Did you have an app like Palm Reader/eReader on the SD card, et cetera? Ben
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    No, I don't run a launcher. I did have e-reader, on the unit (not card). I did a hard reset and started reinstalling everything instead of restoring. That went pretty smoothly (I'm still getting the settings back). I put TealLock back on and it seemed fine last night, but then the same conflict when using TAKEphONE. I contacted Teal, last week, haven't heard anything from them yet.

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