...do a few things regarding all things Treo. Since I'm still on the job search as of today (7/18), I made a few vows. But even if I was working, I'd still commit to the following:

1) With the Treo Ace, If one has to download a patch to get voice-recording capability or similar type features, I'm keeping my T600 until all the kinks are worked out.

2) Same thing with the Ace's hardware build. Get it right. The T300 sucked in that department. With the T600, never had a problem with (still on my first), but I've read other people have. Oh, and triple-coat that Treo Ace D-Pad!

3) Based on the threads, am not going to buy the THB car kit--install or cigarette lighter version--for the current incarnation of the T600. Too little, too late. It's a great product (can't seem to go with an alternative), but too buggy for probably most people's tastes.

4) That said, If the (revised?) ThB Car kit will not be released around the same time when the Ace launches, again, I'll play the waiting game until they get the hardware and software talking to each other like Starsky & Hutch (good rapport). And even then I'll be skeptical.

5) That said, and in conclusion, if the Treo Ace can't do things right the first time straight out of the box, what's the point in shelling out all the cash, at least right away? Even a rebate upgrade wouldn't sway me!

The reasons for my madness...

* I hate keeping my T600 on my belt clip when I drive, but I'll keep doing it until they perfect the car kit stuff.

* With all the R&D that's been done before: Visor Phone (never bought, great idea), T300 (bought, was good enough), T600 (bought, almost perfect), the Treo Ace better fit into the 3rd time the charm category for the Treo line. Sure, it won't have Palm OS6, but nothing's perfect!

Who's with me?