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    Are you using Cingular in NYC? If so, how is the coverage? Any recommended plans? I'm thinking of switching to Cingular and getting my wife a new phone as well.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I saw a feature on the NYC local news the other night on wireless coverage. To my surprise Cingular received the highest marks. I don't have it but everyone I know who does is very pleased with their service.

    I always thought Verizon had the best coverage in NYC. If you're switching carrier's maybe you ought to consider Verizon now that they have the Treo available.
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    My experience in NYC was mixed. I did not get ANY signal at LaGuarida airport or when I was in queens. I stayed at Airport Marriott and got no signal in or around the hotel or on the way to the hotel. I walked in to streets to get the signal but no go. As soon as I entered Manhattan (which was next day), I got full signal and no problems in Manhattan. When I returned to LaGuardia for return flight, the phone worked for a while and then lost signal - completely.

    I called Cignular, and they said NYC area sometimes confuses your phone and the needs a new download of some sort - I don't know how to get the download. and have not bothered since as I have not been to New York. BTW This was a month ago (First week of June 2004).

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    works great problems at all
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    My experience is that coverage isn't the real issue, but rather penetration. There seems to be GSM coverage pretty much wherever you want it as long as you are out on the street. But go inside, and the signal won't reach you through the walls of the building. In my house, I have 0 signal inside, but if I go out on the balcony, I have nearly full strength.


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