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    Any idea what this will retail for after rebates for taking on a new contract?
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    I spoke to a guy who knows a guy who said he had heard that the new Treo Ace 610 will be coming out@ $499. with rebates! You can also turn in your treo 600 and recieve a 100 additoinal credit!

    It's all on line..just google: code I-D-10-T
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    It's all on line..just google: code I-D-10-T
    That was unnecessary..
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    I just got off the phone with tier 2 tech support (don't ask why.............sigh), and while we were waiting for my treo to do backflips, he brought up the topic of the "new treo 610 coming out sometime around xmas." He mentioned bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera and a better screen. He sounded more sure about the details of the phone than he did about the details of its release date, but he's the one that brought it up to me. So there you go, more fuel for the fire!
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    hey citi, try googling code. J-&-c-K-&-Z-S.

    this repeatedly results in your house address. its awesome. they've even produced satellite photos of your home as an attached tidbit of adjunctive information.
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    it was a joke people....relax. No need to be so sensitive. My IT guy sent me a joke about that code 1D-10-T. It was funny. Relax. But in reality noone knows prices and if he were to do a search..his question would have been one knows.
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    you have proved your point? And what does that say? You have got is?

    Really, man, relax, my apologies
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    Sounds good. I agree.. I think we are looking at $499 w/ Rebates.
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    WHat exactly is the TREO ACE? Is it a higher model than the Treo 610?
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    speculation across the board. They are believed to be one in the same.

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