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    Hope some one can help me out. I have a Treo 600 which is syncing just fine with my computer. Now I just bought a Samsung i330 for my wife and I want to sync up to the same computer.

    After some research, I thought all I had to do was set up a new user in the desktop, and sync her's to that user name. Mind you this is the desktop software that came with the Treo 600. Newer version than the desktop that came with the i330. Is that a problem you think?

    Anyway, I push the sync button on the i330, and I get nothing at all!! Computer doesnt even recognize the sync attempt. What am I doing wrong? Shouldnt this work with the setup I just described? Is it possibly the cradle? Thanks

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    New information.

    Now I get the initial pop up recongnizing a sync attempt but it does not prompt me to select any users. So after about 30 seconds it craps out? Does that sound like the cradle? Thanks

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