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    If so, do please share the juicy details. Please do not spare any gruesome details. Let us know if your baby survived the fall or not.....

    Specifically, I am looking for

    a)Height of drop
    b)Surface Material/Hardness of surface of final contact including solvents
    c)Point of impact on the Treo
    d)The distance shot in the air by the SD Card
    e)Initial and Final Velocity of the flying Treo
    e)Autopsy results of the Treo after impact (including pics if possible)

    I have only had a minor slippage... desk to shoe to gentle bump.....
    I have detailed files.
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    Slid out of my shorts pocket onto an asphalt parking lot. Landed face down.
    Height drop: aprox 2 feet.
    Prognosis: Only 3 tiny pits/scratches. One on the corner (silver scratched off), on the center nav button, on the front face next to the ear jack. Otherwise encredibly lucky.
    Lead me to buy the i-volution case by vaja.
    Two other drops, almost identical while in the i-volution leather case.
    Height about 4 feet.
    To a HARD tile kitchen floor.
    Bounced 3 times. No damage thanks to the i-volution case taking the shock.
    Sim card ejected, about 6 inches away.
    SD card ejected, about 15 feet away.

    Moral of the story. Vaja i-volution case adds some bulk, but it has saved my treo twice! The $100 price tag is well worth the savings in damage.
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    a)Height of drop = 2-3 feet
    b)Surface Material/Hardness of surface of final contact including solvents = concrete pavement of driveway
    c)Point of impact on the Treo = antenna
    d)The distance shot in the air by the SD Card = n/a
    e)Initial and Final Velocity of the flying Treo = ??
    e)Autopsy results of the Treo after impact (including pics if possible) = minor scratches on the antenna and minor dings on the upper right side.

    I dropped the phone twice until I've got into the habit of holding on to my phone as I get off the car. I have a form fit case. I don't know how much damage would it have otherwise.
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    i will not participate in this thread bcause it can only bring me bad mojo.

    excuse while i sacrifice a chicken (dont know if it will be dancing) to the pda go_s.
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    dropped it last week from about 3 feet onto the ceramic tiles. hit on the bottom right corner and put a little dent in the phone. the sd card was ejected. (my luck that it hit on the corner of the phone, the only part of the phone not covered by the leather holder.) No damage. Lucky I guess. I wouldn't want to drop it from a higher spot.
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    Dropped it a couple of weeks ago and the whole world went into slow motion
    Height drop: aprox. 2 feet.
    Prognosis: No visible damage.
    SD card did not eject.
    My wife saw the fall and gave me a speech about how careless I am with my toys.
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    Dropped a couple of times.

    1.) Height of drop 3 feet. Ejected itself from my Seidio holster while I was running across a 4 lane road. Hit pavement face down skidded 5 - 6 feet. Only damage was to front top edge of antenna (initial point of impact?) and scratches to silver surface around screen. Neither SD card or stylus ejected.

    2.) Height of drop 4 feet. Bumped from behind while holding. Landed backside down on asphalt, small bounce. SD card half ejected.

    Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Guess I already have bad Treo mojo
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    Waist high--to my foot --to the floor
    Leather case-good
    hit flat-good
    very lucky-very good
    What kind of chicken should I use now??
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    Dropped it once.

    3 feet to a hard ceramic tiled floor. Landed on the top right corner, opposite to where the antenna sits. SD card did not eject. Leather case was useless since I was using the form fit handspring case that does no cover the corners of the unit.

    Paint is chipped from the impact but no functional damage to the unit.
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    I've dropped my Treo 600 twice. Both times were just after I *thought* I had attached the Treo securely to my belt. The lesson I learned is to make sure that I hear a "click" when I attach the Treo to my belt clip.
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    4 feet from shirt pocket to concrete, SD went flying. visible dings. No impairment
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    I have dropped my treo 3 times twice while getting out of the car, bounced out off the door jam on to the asphalt. I have it in a case and had minor damage, corner has chipped paint and antenna has a few marks. I just recently had it drop from my waist (in it's case) on to a tile floor face down and the screen broke $%#@! Needless to say you would of thought my child was dying the way I was running around in circle using an incredible amount of profanity! Now I don't know where that leads me.. Buy a new treo, wait until the treo ace comes out, or find out how to get it fixed? I am not sure if or how long it would take to have it fixed. A little help would be appreciated now that my treo is dead!
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    Was at a neighbor's BBQ and my phone was sitting on the patio table in it's covertec horizontal case. One of the neighbor kids reached across the table for something and pulled my treooff the table on to the floor.

    Height of fall - 3feet]
    surface - concrete patio
    damage - one scratch on an exposed corner. Of course it wouldnt land on the case
    effects - none. treo works just fine.
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    Not dropped, exactly. More like it was in my front pocket when I smacked into a steel beam at 20 miles an hour after being surprised by a sudden steep hill while rollerblading.

    I actually hit Treo first since it was in my front pocket. Luckily I had all that dorky-looking protective gear on, so I'm OK other than a few scrapes & bruises.

    But you want to know about the Treo. It has a slight scar in the plastic near the ear-bump above the screen. No damage other than that.

    My wife's Treo 300 happened to die on the same day her 600 arrived, so we hit it with a hammer right in the screen. Nothing happened. Even those old 300's are sturdier than they look.
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    a) Initial Launch. 3 feet flung from case that shipped with my treo. Hit a truck and then flew 25 feet to the asphault
    b) Ford F150 roof and the Blacktop Surface.
    c) Initial point unknown. Contacted asphault on the antenna
    d) N/A
    e) Pretty damn fast
    f) took all the screws out. The one holding the antenna in was bent. Straightened it with a couple pair of pliers. Minor scratches across the case but no screen damage.


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    Dropped it whilst drunk on the town, looking for taxi number...

    Height of drop- belly button to floor.
    Surface Material- tarmac.
    Point of impact- antenna.
    SD Card- Stayed in.
    Speed- terminal velocity.
    Damage incurred- deep mark to rear of antenna (and heart skipped a beat).

    Survived fall (with nylon case included with unit) and I managed to get home
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    height: shoulder height
    surface: concrete/parking structure
    point of impact: trim around screen, bottom left corner, rear of antenna tip/corner
    sd card-stayed in
    speed: 1 million miles/hour
    damage: silver button scuff, bottom side left corner dimpled, a letter scuffed, antenna mini ding

    I'm actually thinking of buying a new one and selling this one to a friend

    I can't stand the fact that it's damaged, and who knows when the 610 is coming out

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    a)Height of drop: from waist high
    b)Surface Material/Hardness of surface of final contact including solvents:
    Hard outdoor concreate basketball court
    c)Point of impact on the Treo:
    right above camera lens
    d)The distance shot in the air by the SD Card: did not eject
    e)Initial and Final Velocity of the flying Treo: lol
    e)Autopsy results of the Treo after impact (including pics if possible):
    saved by the innipocket aluminium case. the case took the full brunt of the shock and spared the treo from any damage. the case bent at the point of impact but i was able to bend it back with my fingers (it was the edge of the case protecting the camera lens). I know that I was lucky because point of impact was not the antenna.

    reason for fall: the innopcoket's poor belt clip mechanism - it always gets loose. so i threw it away.
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    Dropped it while walking from 3 feet, hit top right corner on door frame then fell onto ceramic tile. About 75% of screen was cracked. Way too fragile. I'm amazed at how many have dropped and no problem.
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    it totally depends on the angle of fall and the point of impact.
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