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    I dropped mine recently on a hardwood floor but I was able to smooth its impact with my shoe. Go go hacky sack skillz! No damage or scuffs.
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    a)Height of drop> usualy waist high.
    b)Surface Material> Wooden dock 1x, (yes on the water) gravel lot 1x, asphalt 2x, tile 2x.
    c)Point of impact on the Treo> all four corners, On its back, On its front. side etc.
    d)The distance shot in the air by the SD Card> Card stayed in but partly ejected a couple of times.
    e)Initial and Final Velocity of the flying Treo> Dead stop no sliding.
    e)Autopsy results of the Treo after impact (including pics if possible)> Lots "O" scratches but she works fine.
    P.S. I have not killed any chickens.
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    (Like scissors...)

    I was playing tag with my children, who chased me onto a brick walkway. The Treo, softly nestled in my shorts pocket, bounced out.

    Speed over land: 5 MPH
    Height: 3 feet
    Surface: Brick
    Point of Impact: Bottom corner
    Damage: lower corner scratched (gouged?) deeply. Wireless turned off (but turned right back on).
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    Dropped mine once from my hand onto the pavement. No issues at all.

    Second time it flew out of a golf cart. This time not so lucky.
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