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    Just today.......

    Dropped onto tile floor from three feet. Screen turns blue. I turn blue from spontaneous oxygen deprivation (holding your breath while thinking unmentionable thoughts. After soft reset all ok. Later, after syncing, blue screen again. No amount of hard or soft resets will revive.

    I'm calling Verizon......

    Two hours later I pick up phone, turn it on, AND ALL IS WELL!

    I am now syncing and restoring and we will see what happens next.

    Could this possibly be the stuff of miniseries?
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    a)Height Dashboard height--Dodge Neon (rented)
    b)Surface - Freeway onramp--asphalt
    c)Point of impact - One of two slightly (equally) munched corners
    d)The distance shot in the air by the SD Card - If I knew, I would have found it! (darned good excuse to finally order my 512 at the ecost prices)
    e)Initial and Final Velocity of the flying Treo - I'm not doing the physics, but inside 40 foot radius turn, going 50 miles an hour, slid off its cute place on the dash (you Neon owners will know--the 'well' in the middle). Darned coefficient of static friction didn't hold...
    e)Autopsy results - I'm out an SD card, phone works fine. Little rubber nubby thing under the antenna gone. Now I've got to weigh the deductible versus the damage. Sigh. =) Can't do anything till I get my card anyway for quick backup. Only one car came by before I managed to flip-flip my way to my poor phone. I spied a flashing green light, and it was still working. SD Card was probably treaded shortly thereafter, at which point my car seemed a much safer locale.
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    I dropped it again (only 3 feet high on stone floor).
    Unfortunately the Vibra switch is broken now.
    The microswitch has lost it's small plastic "nose".
    You can have a look at the very good picture from chris_c that shows the original switch with "nose" in the upper left corner:
    PCB Picture from chris_c
    Do you know somebody who replaces such a microswitch or do you know a source, where to buy one?
    It's a UK Orange GSM Treo 600.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    i will not participate in this thread bcause it can only bring me bad mojo.

    excuse while i sacrifice a chicken (dont know if it will be dancing) to the pda go_s.
    Sure enough, weeks after I posted this, I had to replace mine. Not because of dropping it but because of dead pixels.

    Hey, can you include my Treo in your sacrifice? How much is the chicken offering?
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    trying to align my satellite dish on my rv, dropped it from a wopping 8-10 feet.. landed on antenna first and then face I am guessing. Only a scratch on the antenna, otherwise owrking fine
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    I've dropped mine a few times, thank god for insurance.

    a) 5 stories thru an elevator shaft
    b) Believe the bottom was made out of concrete
    c) Unknown
    d) Had no SD Card in it but the insert was unrecoverable.
    e) Really fast
    f) Well it obviously didn't work. The top panel over the silent switch was missing and the screen looked a little funny but otherwise it didn't look to bad besides the fact it would not turn on anymore.

    a) 3 feet
    b) Concrete road
    c) Landed on the microphone corner
    d) Stayed in
    e) Unknown
    f) All looked well on the scene but when I recieved a call later I figured out the microphone didn't work anymore.

    I've also had other minor drops but it just recieved minor dings from those.
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    Dropped mine today in a Piel Frama leather wrap around case. Had the treo sitting on my desk, and forgot I had my headset clipped on my shirt after getting off a call.

    Dropped 3 feet to a hard ceramic flooring. Bounced about 2 inches, and clid 2 feet across the floor.

    No visible Damage, and the SD card popped up, but held in by case. ABS plastic inserts saved the phone as it landed flat on its screen.
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    dropped it the day i got it i was speachless. jumping out the car from the orange with it i my hand not even charged i dropped it scratches everywhere but i got a new one becuase of the echo problem so everything is good
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    Dropped it around 2 1/2 feet, onto concrete. Have a handful of parts to look at, found the antenna, part of the camers lens, battery, even the sim card. Oh I forgot to mention it fell at 80 mph on the freeway. The plastic case did not hold up to well, I'll post a picture of whats left if i can figure out how.
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    dropped running from bathroom to dinner table at a restaurant. had it in my hand.

    2.5ft drop. fell down two-three hardwood steps. the fake sd card popped out. i was scared. minor scratches.

    when i go to unlock the center button sticks alittle. oh well
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    Mine made such a loud noise when I dropped it (outside a bar) that everyone turned and looked. Only scratched though. However, the scratches go well with the rubber plug missing from the back, the dust trapped visibly under the screen, and the enamel chipping off two of the buttons. Hell, my Treo's six months old.
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    im a klutz so yes

    dropped it on the concrete deck at a gas station...

    and numerous times at home

    the most that happens is the radio turns off...meh

    all the time it has fallen my ivolution vaja treo case (with no ultra clip) protected my puppy (boxwave screen protectors)...

    before these two items, my puppy never fell
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    I've dropped my T600 a few times from a distance of roughly 3 to 4 feet but luckily carpeting has cushioned the blow. I normally handle this phone with kid gloves. Every now and then my screen flickers---perhaps from the few drops? Who knows?
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    Hey inventors/developers: How 'bout some mini-airbags for the Treo!
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    Dropped twice from a standing position onto parking lot, both times onto antenna, and both times while in slip case. The antenna has dents, but otherwise ok.
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    Dropped it, kicked it, flung it (all by accident mind you) mostly becuase I had the earpiece connected to it and forgot about it. No scratches, no dents, no nicks, no amazing piece of technology I think (or is it just luck) you be the judge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marker23
    I do have Ins.

    Since my last post. I went to the local sprint store and they tried to get it up and running. NO LUCK. They handed me a new Treo 600. No questions asked. (Thank you Sprint. That $15 Ins a month is a MUST HAVE ITEM)

    However, I am worried about all my personal info on there. Do you think that someone will try to access it? or is gone. I tried a hard reset before i gave it back. I do not know if it worked. What do they do with the phone after your return it?

    $15 a month for insurance! Jeez thats alot. I pay about $4.99 a month on t-mobile. But will t-mobile just hand me another one if i broke mines???
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    I dropped mine on Day-1 as I was setting it down for its first battery charge. It fell about 3-1/2 feet and hit the top edge of a ceramic vase on the floor, then skidded across the carpet. Apparently there was no damage done...but you never know about subtle brain or psychological could show up later. I did the same thing with each of my first two kids from the changing table, too (minus the ceramic vase). I gotta start washing the butter off of my hands before I do this stuff!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prankstar
    dropped it the day i got it i was speachless...

    Well at least now I don't feel as bad.
    I dropped mine about 5 times but only 3 I would concider bad.

    1. This was the first time I dropped it.
    I was going up the stairs and my heel got stuck on the lower stair I was about to step on forcing me to fall on my knees and hands...Treo was in my hand.
    I wen down hands first so the Treo basically cushioned my fall!

    2. Walking into my building umbrella, Treo, plastic bag, and something else in hand. Tried to pin the code for the gate with one hand while balancing the rest of the stuff. I lost grasp of the Treo and down it went and landed on my big toe (I still have the bruising )
    I curse off my boyfriend all the way up the stairs

    3. Was mad drunk after celebrating my friend's engagement. Was seating in the passenger seat of my boyfriend's SUV (I couldn't drive so he had to come and get us) when out the window goes the Treo...
    All I heard was a loud boyfriend thought my purse fell out the car (I wish).
    And I couldn't stop laughing saying "Oh ****! I dropped the phone!!!"

    I later learned that he went back and got back my sim and the card but didn't pick up the scraps (what was left of the Treo).
    Ohhh Why didn't he pick up my baby's body!!! WWWHHHYYYY!!!!

    I went two days later and couldn't find it (that's how long it took me to recup).
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    a)Height of drop: from waist high
    b)Surface Material/Hardness of surface of final contact including solvents:
    Tile Floor
    c)Point of impact on the Treo:
    Don't know - I was blinded by the fear
    d)The distance shot in the air by the SD Card: did not eject
    e)Initial and Final Velocity of the flying Treo: An instant
    f)Autopsy results of the Treo after impact (including pics if possible):
    No visible scars or breakage but now several apps don't work. Luckily phone and email do.
    g)reason for fall: Seido belt clip has the phone WAY TOO EXPOSED. I'm about ready to throw it away.

    Does anyone know how to recover when some apps work and some don't?
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