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    It finally happend to me

    Height of Drop: waist high
    Surface: First bounce was on a rug, thank god, then onto concrete.
    Point of Impact: I am not sure, I think that I had a heart attack at the same time.
    Velocity: I would have to perform scientific testing to be completely accurate
    Autopsy: No visible damage. The only thing that I noticed is that it turned off the phone.

    I have a vaja custom case and it was not on the treo at the time, because you have to remove the case to put it into the cradle. I love the vaja case I just need to make sure that I always protect my Treo
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    I only hope I treat my Treo 600 better than my Tungsten T, which must've been victim of at least a few dozen drops in a year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rossoneri
    a)Height of drop: from waist high
    b)Surface Material/Hardness of surface of final contact including solvents:
    Hard outdoor concreate basketball court
    c)Point of impact on the Treo:
    right above camera lens
    d)The distance shot in the air by the SD Card: did not eject
    e)Initial and Final Velocity of the flying Treo: lol
    e)Autopsy results of the Treo after impact (including pics if possible):
    saved by the innipocket aluminium case. the case took the full brunt of the shock and spared the treo from any damage. the case bent at the point of impact but i was able to bend it back with my fingers (it was the edge of the case protecting the camera lens). I know that I was lucky because point of impact was not the antenna.

    reason for fall: the innopcoket's poor belt clip mechanism - it always gets loose. so i threw it away.
    Now, do you think that would've happened if it was around your neck???
    But seriously, do you like the innopocket case? How heavy is it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by iandi
    Now, do you think that would've happened if it was around your neck???
    But seriously, do you like the innopocket case? How heavy is it?
    the only reason i dropped it is that i used the belt clip for the first time since i got the case. i never used it before and i haven't used it since (since i threw it away). i was forced to use the belt clip that day though. wearing it around my neck will never be an option.

    the innopocket has an issue with the beltclip. many people have had issues with it (witness posts on this on this forum and howardsforum). i chucked the beltclip immediately. but now i know that if it could protect the treo from a fall like that, it can protect it from almost anything. i will never change cases. i have found the ultimate case

    there are many many other times where the case protected the phone from sure damage but none of them were from falls. love the case - hate the beltclip and it's not heavy.
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    After months of carrying my Treo 600, I dropped it twice last week. When I'm out of my office, my Treo is always in a Covertec case which is very thin and light and seems to do a great job of protecting its contents.

    First time was the worst. I was getting out of my 4Runner in a shopping center and left the Treo on my lap. Dont' know what the velocity was, but the T6 hit the ground before my foot did.

    a)Height of drop - about 4 feet
    b)Surface Material/Hardness of surface of final contact - oily asphalt
    c)Point of impact on the Treo - I can't tell. There isn't a mark anywhere.
    d)The distance shot in the air by the SD Card - Remained in place. The Covertec covers the slot and I've filed my card anyway.
    Final result - 4 missed heartbeats for me., No sweat for the Treo.

    Second drop was nothing in comparison. I had the Treo on the kitchen cabinet while cooking. It rang when my hands were messy, so I rinsed them quickly and grabbed for the phone only to fling it off of the cabinet onto the sheet vinyl floor.

    a)Height of drop - 36"
    b)Surface Material/Hardness of surface of final contact - vinyl flooring
    c)Point of impact on the Treo - again, not a mark, so don't know.
    e)Autopsy results of the Treo after impact - perfect condition

    I consider myself very lucky. Gotta love this device!

    Dan Hampton
    Austin Tejas
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    Dropped in my driveway a week after i got it from a height of 2-3 feet. Landed screen down on a driveway rock (I knew I should have paved the driveway instead). It made a nice popping sound like when you break a lightbulb. I didn't even have to turn it over to know that it was trashed. There was nice pretty star-shapped design in the shattered screen. Had to pay the deductable to get it replaced. I had a new one in about 36 hrs though. Kudo's to Sprint.
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    Dropped about 4 feet, tumbed against some items on a shelf and landed on concrete (not sure what hit first). No scratches or dents on plastics, no cracked screen, but now I have several dark vertical lines on the right side of the screen. Everything else works fine. SD card did not eject. Replacement pending.
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    Dropped mine about 5 feet onto cement stairs.

    Smacked hard, bounced down two more stairs.

    Zero damage. I really couldnt be happier with the toughness and overall quality.
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    I dropped my GSM Treo 600 2 times:

    1. Riding on the bike about 10 mph, height 4 feet to asphalt.
    No case (just egrips), no serious damages, just scratches.
    Card ejected and flew about 2 feet.

    2. Standing on a 8 feet ladder last week, height 8 feet minimum to steel plate.
    No case (just egrips), no serious damages, just scratches...
    I think, I had a lot of luck that it landed on the back of the connector and it "rolled" backwards.
    Card ejected and flew about 4 feet, rubber piece for external antenna flew about 2 feet...

    Don't try this with your device!

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    Dropped mine about 11 feet while coming downstairs at home. It landed on a hardwood floor. Resulted in a small crack in the corner, which was the point of impact and a slight gap now exists on one side. The SD card ejected and landed a few feet away. Everything still works! This is my first and only Treo600 since October 2003.
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    I have good news and bad news. I dropped it, about 3 feet onto a wood floor w/o a problem.

    However, last night I left it out in the rain, and first I had to RESTORE it, and now the microphone doesn't work. Can I open this thing???????? Please help!

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    Mine fell 5 feet from an exercise machine to a hard terrazzo floor. It was naked and going about 10 feet per second. I an unsure of the point of impact. The SD card did not pop out. It has a nick in the paint on the lower lip of the ear bump. There is also some roughness on the top right front corner of the antenna which I can feel but cannot see. No functionality was affected. I expected much worse.
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    a)Height of drop: 3 feet
    b)Surface Material/Hardness of surface of final contact including solvents: ceramic floor tile
    c)Point of impact on the Treo: bottom part of T600
    d)The distance shot in the air by the SD Card: SD card stayed in place
    e)Initial and Final Velocity of the flying Treo: who knows
    e)Autopsy results of the Treo after impact (including pics if possible): Thanks to the aluminum case, nothing major happened to my tT600. The only thing that happened was that my 3 in 1 stylus got stock inside and could'nt get it out until I used some very small tweezers to get it out. Without the aluminum case, my T600 would have suffered some major damaged.
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    Height of Drop = one meter accelerated by failed attempt to catch it
    Surface = concrete
    Points of contact = dead flat face down,

    Damage = chipped jog dial and space bar, with some lose of paint at top left, top right of screen edge.

    Result = all working fine so far, about two weeks ago.
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    Dropped 2feet from pocket while getting out of car 3 times onto asphault. SD card popped out 2/3 of the time. Once it slid all the way under the vehicle parked next to me.

    It's also been kicked accross a tile floor about 10 feet and thrown by my girlfriend about 15 feet horizontally before hitting carpet then tile.

    Even after all this abuse there are just a few scratches in the silver paint and on the antenna and exposed stylus top. Otherwise it's working fine.
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    Dropped mine about six months ago.
    Flew out of my shirt pocket during a rare cheer/jump at a Warrior game. I'm six five, so however high that is.
    No case was used.
    Totally froze up.
    Sprint wouldn't do jack for me (what a surprise, as they employ such brain surgeons) and I got passed from person to person who didn't care. Very frustrating.
    Luckily this was during the first 30 days of ownership, and I just returned it to Handspring (pre-Palm One merger).
    Got a new one from Treo Central.
    Now I use a leather case.
    And, I hate Sprint's employees, but love their data plan. A bargain with the devil.
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    Thrown across bar....about 20 feet before hitting floor. Bounced about 4 times before hitting wall then back to floor. Has an alu. case not a thing happened Went and picked it up. Worked fine and still does(this was about 1 1/2 months ago!!!!
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    Drop 07/20/04

    a)Three Feet
    c)Screen Down. Flat
    e)Normal Drop speed
    e)DEAD !!!

    Tried a reset. Nothing. Can I open it and try somthing to reboot? I can not hear anything shaking around.

    Treo 600 guys help. I don't know if i can live without my treo 600 for 48 hours.
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    Hope you have the equipment replacement insurance.
    Sounds like just what happened to mine.
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    I do have Ins.

    Since my last post. I went to the local sprint store and they tried to get it up and running. NO LUCK. They handed me a new Treo 600. No questions asked. (Thank you Sprint. That $15 Ins a month is a MUST HAVE ITEM)

    However, I am worried about all my personal info on there. Do you think that someone will try to access it? or is gone. I tried a hard reset before i gave it back. I do not know if it worked. What do they do with the phone after your return it?
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