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    I lied again. It's only the serial to ethernet cradle. I need to read more before I post.
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    Last post, I swear.

    The A26 tip is apparently limited to certain flavors of the Igo system. And the Juice70, which I have, is not one of them.

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    that doesn't make sense...the autopower15 and everywherepower15 use the same connection tip as the juice and ice. the tip is what regulates voltage, not the actual power adapter.
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    I didn't know they were the same, but that makes it weirder. After all. Wonder if the current draw is too high for the Juice 70? Nah...that can't be it. Can it?
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    My adapter and tip arrived yesterday from IGO so they are off backorder and are delivering.. I haven't seen them yet as I am traveling. Will report when I see them.
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    The tip didn't arrive. Still on backorder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    Interesting that an Audiovix adapter is the same as Treo. Does this tell us anything about the Treo manufacturer? Hmmmmmmm...
    The Treo connector is a standard PCMCIA cable. From the Treo SDK: "The Connector on the bottom of TreoTM 600 is a 15-position connector, sometimes used on PCMCIA cards that interface with an al cable. "

    So it's not suprising that other phones use it. It is suprising that the right pins are supplying power however, as the electrical specifications are not compatible with normal PCMCIA.
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    As an employee of RS for the last 7 years let me tell you, you will still find that SKU in plenty of RadioShack's, because quite frankly half the people in my company don't do their jobs,and the other half are to cheap to ever throw anything away!
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    DrDoom, and they are notorious for putting their people through lie detector tests to see if they gave someone 2 free batteries on their battery cards. I went into a RS the other day looking for a A26 tip or equiv. and walked out with a DVD recorder that was marked down from $699 to $199. Go figure...
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    I had been to deveral RS stores and the tips they were throwing away were not the right ones. Igo now has the A26 tip in stock and you can order it on-line. They have reworked their tip selector and it is easier to find the correct one.
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    I am still waiting on mine....backordered they say. Should come this week they say. Bin Ladin has been captured two weeks ago and Bush is holding him in a secret place till right before the election they say....oh, sorry, wrong thread.
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    Driver, mine shipped yesterday, they show in stock on the website. Give their customer service line a call and ask them to ship it. They can manually go in and generate the shipping (that is what I had to do)...their system seems pretty goofy...
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    I was JUST about to order the iGo Juice Adaptor (they also have an Ice Adaptor now), but my wife convinced me to check Treo Central first to make SURE that the adaptors work with the Treo 600. Now I'm not sure... They sell tips for the Treo 600, but what I'm reading here makes it sound like the tips aren't compatible with the Juice or Ice adaptor models, only with the older EveryPower series.

    Is that true? Does anyone know if there is indeed a tip planned for the Treo 600 that would work with the newer adaptors, or is there a technological reason that this wouldn't make sense?
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    radio shack now has the A26 in stock. figures that the 650 is right around the corner. but i guess better late than never.
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