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    Chula Vista, CA a sales rep for VZ told me that VZ will be releasing two versions of the TREO 600 and he didn't mean w/or w/out a camera.

    He was telling me that the unreleased phone will have a better display and will include voice dialing. He believes the release date will be late fall this year. He explained to me that is why he has not bought one yet. He is waiting.

    Has anyone else heard of this as well? I am asking becuase I would like to get another phone for my wife. And if a newer version is going to come out then I will wait.

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    There are rumors (and alleged articles) regarding a Treo 610 and/or a Treo Ace with a better display and other features. Given how long its taken VZW to release this treo, I wouldn't hold my breath. Who knows, they are just rumors at this point.
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    Not me, but if a sales rep is waiting becasue a "new" version will be out, that's crazy. Unless he is a low man, he should be able to get the new one when it hits. With out knowing the detials, I assume if I were in his shoes. I would already have a 600 and then get the mystery Treo when it hits.

    You know how to when a sales person is liying...their mouth is moving...LOL
    He lost all creditabilty with the "that's why I am waiting.."

    Just that is just me...
    that and $3.75 can get you a Starbuck's something-ccino
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    Interesting rumor... If the Treo Ace rumors do end up true, I would wager it will be released by Sprint, Orange etc much earlier than Verizon...
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