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    I read a large number of books on my T3 and am considering switching to a Treo 600. Can anyone provide a comparison of reading from the Treo low-res screen vs the T3 hi-res screen.
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    I haven't read any books on a high resolution Palm, but I have read a ton of books on my Treo without any problem. Sure, I assume the text would look better on the T3, but it is perfectly fine on the Treo.
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    I just switched form T3 to Treo. The sceen resolution os decidely less on the treo but doesn't seem particularly harder to read, just less pretty. I got used to it pretty fast
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    It is like changing from a pretty model to looking at your mother's bra

    It would be nice to have hi res sometime before 2007...I doubt we'll se it in 2006

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