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    I do not see an email client on the VZ Treo. Or am I missing it? Thanks!
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    Looks like you would need to load a third party one. I use Agendus (Iambic) Mail along with Agendus Pro 8.
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    I like snapper mail. Support is excellent whenever I have a problem.
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    I am using mobile mail. My POP provider is Cox and it is working fine.

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    I am using the built in Handspring pop email app. It may be available as a free download on the palm one site, as it was for Sprint users. Before the last update it was a seperate program.
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    I use Compuserve 2000 for my mail (which is owned by AOL). Which email client would work best with that?
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    None, unless it has POP3 access. If not then Blazer.

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