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    I just got my Treo 600 on Thursday (July the 15th), ordered it on June 20th. All I can say is that I am one very happy camper right now. I definitely miss my Tungsten T's hi-res screen, but I love how bright the colours are, this is not quite upto Samsung's mobile screens but pretty darn close! And for all those who are complaining about the Treo's 24MB of user RAM, it's very plenty for me, considerring my Tungsten T's 13MB of user accessible RAM was already good enough. I did notice that the SD card access was noticable slower than my T|T, and it did take me a whole 24 hours to notice and remember the slightly off centre screen issue, but overall, I don't think I could picked a better PDA / Phone. For a device to singlehandedly make two of my previous devices obsolete, it's a nice thing. =) The power of PalmOS really unleashes itself when given unrestricted wireless capabilities, and although the camera does indeed suck, so do most other cell phone cameras, and it's a nice thing to have anyway. Until the Treo Ace comes, 5/5!

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    Welcome aboard Donald! Also, don't forget to checkout Qset to significantly increase the picture quality of the Treo cam!
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