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    Dear all,

    I am currently saving (and starving) for my Treo 600 at end of the year. Due to my pathetic pair of eyes, I decided to ask you guy this question:

    Is there a difference between screen quality of m505 and Treo 600?

    Thank you for your enlightenment.
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    Yes, it is dramatically brighter.
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    except for bright sunlight, the 505's screen technology reflected sunlight. the treo washes out. However, having had both machines...the Treo rocks!
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    I still have an M505 and a Treo 600 and I too can confirm that the Treo's screen is significantly brighter.

    I also have a Tungsten E and it's screen is just sooo much better than both of them! It saddens me when I beam a photo from the Treo to the Tungsten E. The Treo screen just hasn't got it, you lose so much detail. The TE screen makes the Treo camera's photo's look good for gods sake!
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    Dear all,

    Thank you very much.

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